Today the company covers an area of approximately 8000 square meters, of which 2500 are covered by two adjacent buildings, about 8 meters high, served by 5 bridge cranes.

Inside, new offices were built for the administrative department on the ground floor, and for the technical department on the upper floor.

The significant growth that has characterised the company, in terms of turnover and workforce, in recent years, made it necessary to increase the availability of covered spaces, where to place most of the equipment, and to redefine the processing cycle in the short term  (the project is being implemented). In the medium term, the company aims to acquire additional pieces of equipment, to include production stages that are now outsourced, to be able to produce special and fully machined pieces for customers.

Today, the production is mainly exported to Italy,  but, with the planned increase in the availability of covered spaces and thanks to the quality of the products and a timely delivery, the company will be able to approach new European  markets.

Moreover, the domestic demand in Bulgaria will increase considerably, since Bulgaria is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.


For the production of medium-sized and large machines (including sheet metal cutting machines, metalworking, robotised welding, mechanical and non-mechanical milling machines, boring, drilling and turning machines) the company uses the following machine tools:

Mechanical machining :

Rivolta floor type milling boring machine Axis X 7800 axis Z 1900 Y 1000

Tiger milling machine Axis X 1800 Axis Z 900 Axis Y 700

Mitsubishi  machining centre Axis X 1000 Z 600 Y 600 Warehouse 24 tools

Graziano lathe length 3000  

Azimut radial drill      1800

Metalwork machine tools :

Lodifex Caser Radial drill     1400

Colmal Press brake 350 tons 4 meters

Somo Press brake 90 tons 3 meters

Siloma Automatic bandsaw  350 x 650

Automatic bandsaw 370

Manual bandsaw 270

HD plasma cutting machine with cnc Dami 12000 x 3000 suction table

Oxygen cutting machine with cnc  Dami 8000 x 3000

Shear Somo thickness 8 x length 4000

Gooseneck press brake     100 tons

No. 2 Omis bridge cranes 5 tons

No. 1 Michielotto bridge crane     6 tons

No. 2 Omis bridge crane           8 tons


In order to improve the quality of the products provided to its customers,  the company has been ISO 9001-2008 certified since  21/08/2012, with certificate number  25986/12/S, issued by the Rina in Genoa (Italy).